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Managing with Helm

There is a community-supported Helm chart with extensive customization settings exposed via the values.yaml. The Helm installation still assumes an existing Prometheus installation. The following commands work with the opencost/opencost-helm-chart repository checked-out locally and with the values.yaml modified for your own local changes (alternatively you may keep them in a separate, source-controlled file).

Installing OpenCost with Helm

helm install opencost . --namespace opencost --create-namespace -f values.yaml

Upgrading OpenCost with Helm

helm upgrade opencost . --namespace opencost -f values.yaml

Sidegrading with Helm

If you wish to override the version of OpenCost installed by the Helm chart (e.g. downgrading or alternative versions), update the values.yaml to set the tag of the downloaded image (you can also change the registry and repository if necessary).

repository: kubecost1/kubecost-cost-model
tag: prod-1.101.3
repository: kubecost1/opencost-ui
tag: prod-1.101.3

Deleting with Helm

helm uninstall opencost
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