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Setting up a Development Environment

Tilt is a great way to run OpenCost on a local or remote Kubernetes environment. Tilt automatically redeploys OpenCost when code or configuration changes, provides easy access to back end debugging, and automatically handles port forwarding.



Run OpenCost

  1. In a terminal, run: helm repo add prometheus-community
  2. Update tilt-values.yaml to desired attributes - see documentation here.
  3. Update Tiltfile to allow your remote Kubernetes contexts, if desired. See comment block near top of the Tiltfile. See documentation here.
  4. If using kind, in a terminal, run kind create cluster to create local cluster, or set your Kubernetes context to the desired cluster.
  5. In a terminal, run tilt up -- --arch [amd64 or arm64] --docker-repo [repo or username] at the root of the OpenCost repository --arch amd64 will compile OpenCost for amd64 nodes, --arch arm64 will compile for arm64 nodes --docker_repo is only required for remote development, or you want the images saved in Docker Hub. The value is prepended to the image tag (the -t flag in a Docker build command). See Docker Documentation. Example: tilt up -- --arch amd64 --docker-repo example would build OpenCost for a Kubernetes node with an amd64 architecture, and push the images to the Docker Hub user example.
  6. Follow instructions to open the Tilt UI in browser (hit space, or navigate to http://localhost:10350)
  7. As you update your code or tilt-values.yaml, Tilt will automatically watch relevant source code and recompile, build, deploy, and run tests.
  8. tilt down will tear down resources created, otherwise they will continue to run indefinitely.
  9. kind delete cluster will delete the local cluster, if desired.

Attach Debugger to the Back End

The OpenCost back end auto starts with delve by default. Configure your IDE or text editor to attach to http://localhost:40000.

If you want to attach the debugger at startup, remove the --continue flag from the entrypoint in the docker_build_with_restart function in the Tiltfile, then connect the debugger. Once connected, the OpenCost back end will start.

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