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Running in Docker


Support for running within Docker is included in the stable releases as of 1.109.0. Please ensure you have the latest release to access this new feature.

Running OpenCost outside of Kubernetes will give you access to your Cloud Costs via the API and UI, but you will not have Kubernetes Cost Allocation data available.

Running OpenCost without Kubernetes

Given that not everyone who wants to look at their cloud billing is using Kubernetes, to run without Kubernetes you can either run from Docker or directly from the CLI. There are 2 environment variables you will need to set:

Running with Docker

If you want to run with Docker, you can pull down the image from

docker pull (or latest)

and run it with

docker run -e CLOUD_COST_ENABLED=true -e CLOUD_COST_CONFIG_PATH=/tmp/cloud-integration.json -p 9003:9003 -d -v /tmp:/tmp

Docker Compose

If you prefer to use docker compose, you may tailor the following for your environment and OpenCost version:

name: opencost
version: '3'

image: ""
- "9003:9003"
- type: bind
source: /tmp
target: /tmp
- CLOUD_COST_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/cloud-integration.json
image: ""
- "9090:9090"
- API_SERVER=host.docker.internal

and run with

docker compose -f opencost.yml up

Accessing the Cloud Costs API

The OpenCost Cloud Cost API is now exposed on port 9003, you can test with

curl -G http://localhost:9003/cloudCost -d window=7d -d aggregate=provider | jq

The Cloud Cost API provides the available query parameters and the API Examples show how you could query the Services by your Provider or how to get billing items over a range of time.

Using the OpenCost UI from Docker

The OpenCost UI can be used to view Cloud Costs from Docker as well. You can pull down the image from from

docker pull (or latest)

and run it from Docker without Kubernetes:

docker run -p 9090:9090 -e API_SERVER=host.docker.internal -d

Go to http://localhost:9090/cloud to check it out. The Cost Allocation tab will be empty because there’s no Kubernetes data, but the Cloud Costs should have whatever clouds you’ve configured access.

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