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OpenCost is a vendor-neutral open source project for measuring and allocating cloud infrastructure and container costs. It’s built for Kubernetes cost monitoring to power real-time cost monitoring, showback, and chargeback.

Below are common documentation pages for the OpenCost Project:


Check out our Installation guide to start monitoring and managing your spend in minutes. Additional documentation is available for configuring Prometheus and managing your OpenCost with Helm.

Integrating Cloud Costs and Configuration

If you want more accurate results or Cloud Costs from your provider's bill please refer to the Integrating Cloud Costs and Configuration page or jump directly to your cloud-specific configuration:


The OpenCost Specification describes a vendor-neutral implementation for Kubernetes cost monitoring.

Using the UI

The OpenCost UI provides a visualization of the Kubernetes allocations and the related Cloud Costs. This walkthrough highlights some of the components of the OpenCost UI.

Stay in the Loop

Join the OpenCost Community and follow along other community events using our calendar.

Join us on CNCF Slack in the #opencost channel if you have questions!

Contact us via email ( if there's anything else you need.

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