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· 2 min read
Matt Ray

OpenCost 1.109.0 is now available and has a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release has over 200 commits from 24 individuals and 8 of them are from first-time contributors. This is also the first release with a non-Kubecost Maintainer. Highlights from the release include:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure support has been added, enabling Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) users to track their Cost Allocations across their deployments.
  • Additional patches for Docker have been merged, making it easier to track Cloud Costs without requiring Kubernetes to be installed. This will allow Cloud Costs and other non-Kubernetes functionality to be accessed wherever you may need it.
  • The OpenCost and OpenCost-UI containers have been moved to the GitHub Container Registry. The OpenCost Helm Chart, the Prometheus OpenCost Exporter, and the OpenCost manifest are all being updated to reflect the new download location.
  • The OpenCost UI now shows the version of OpenCost being used in the footer. This is included in the startup logging of each container as well, but it should help make debugging a little easier.

There were many more community-provided enhancements, fixes, and additional tests that were added to continue improving OpenCost. Please join us in the OpenCost community and help build our next great release!

· 4 min read
Matt Ray

OpenCost is an open source implementation for Kubernetes cost monitoring and now cloud cost monitoring for AWS, Azure, and GCP. The project makes all of this data accessible via an API and user interface. While discussing the idea of running OpenCost on platforms besides Kubernetes we realized that with this new Cloud Costs feature there are users who want API access to their cloud billing data without needing to run on Kubernetes. I opened the Issue OpenCost without Kubernetes #2268 and as luck would have it, we had our internal Hackathon last week.

If you're not familiar with OpenCost, it's the open source CNCF project for monitoring Kubernetes and cloud spending. It's a Golang implementation of the OpenCost Specification for monitoring Kubernetes cloud costs. It has an optional web UI and you can also run it as a Prometheus metrics exporter. The code is all at and you can learn more about the project at

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