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· 4 min read
Kai Wombacher

OpenCost banner

We are excited to announce that the CNCF OpenCost project has significantly expanded its scope and capabilities beyond existing Kubernetes and cloud costs monitoring. Via the new OpenCost Plugins framework, teams are now increasingly able to use OpenCost to monitor ALL of their IT spending (infrastructure monitoring, data platforms, cloud services or other tools) in one place. We have kicked things off with a Datadog plugin, but this is just the first of many plugins coming to OpenCost.

The new 1.110 release of OpenCost is a huge milestone in the project’s mission to deliver granular, real-time IT costs to the world. Already the leading project for monitoring the costs for Kubernetes and Cloud Services, OpenCost’s new Plugin architecture will provide comprehensive, unified cost monitoring capabilities to developers, FinOps practitioners, platform engineers, or anyone in your organization who values monitoring the cost of your IT resources.

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